Springing Forward March 8th

On March 8th, 2020 at 2:00AM, you should move your clock to 3:00am, if you are located in a time zone that switches their clocks for Daylight Savings. We get an extra hour of daylight, but lose an hour of sleep tonight. You may not know that there are states in the country that do not switch their clocks. Arizona and Hawaii do not change their time with the rest of us in the United States. There are several US territories that do not observe Daylight Savings Time.

We are in South Carolina and North Myrtle Beach will once again be jumping with the Summertime Vacationers. I Love the Summertime. I think most of the businesses here like the warmer weather that brings so many to the beach.

Thanks for the Reminder Grand Strand Vacations to Get OUR CLOCKS CHANGED! I know I don’t want to miss anything due to the time change!

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Grand Strand Vacations in Cherry Grove

Grand Strand Vacations has been serving the North Myrtle Beach Area Vacationers for over 60 years. Since 1954, families have been staying with GSV at some of the best Oceanfront homes and condos in NMB. Options include beach cottages, condominiums, resort condos and Channel homes with waterway views and short walks to the beach. If you are considering a trip to North Myrtle Beach for the first time or returning for another vacation, consider Grand Strand Vacations located in Cherry Grove on Sea Mountain Highway.


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  1. Great Staff! Call GSV at 800-722-6278 and let them know that Bo the Webguy told you to call! Thanks.. See you at the Beach!


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