SOS – Spring Safari 2024

What is SOS Spring Safari? It is like Spring Break for Adults in Ocean Drive – North Myrtle Beach. Come and experience a dance they call the Shag. SOS stands for Society of Stranders and its a big membership group that has Two big 10 day events each year. One membership card gets you in all clubs for both of the 2 major events (day and night) plus the smaller Midwinter SOS usually in January. Membership is about $35/year. Sign up with the beach clubs down at Ocean Drive in NMB or ask your local ACSC Member Shag Club.

In the Spring Time – they call it Spring Safari

SOS Spring Safari Schedule

April 18-28, 2024
April 24 – May 4, 2025
April 26-27, 2026
April 16-25, 2027

Shaggers by the thousands visit North Myrtle Beach for Spring Safari each year. A Little Drinkin’, lots of shaggin’, seeing old friends, and enjoying the beach music clubs to shag the night away is all part of the 10 day party! Whether you are an expert shagger or just like to go out and have fun, you can find your crowd at SOS. Some of the people you meet have been coming for many years. If you don’t know how to shag, look for the lesson schedules. many of the top shag instructors in the industry offer workshops for beginners and advanced shaggers.

Do you Like Beach Music Bands?

During the day time (and sometimes night-time too), you catch the bands in the beach clubs and lounges. Please check back for the updated schedule of bands and DJs to be posted here at as the event gets closer.

Participating Lounges or Clubs that are part of SOS

Fat Harold’s Beach Club
Ocean Drive Beach and Golf Resort’s HOTO’s
Ocean Drive Beach and Golf Resort’s Spanish Galleon
Ducks Beach Club
Pirate’s Cove
OD Arcade

Big Draw of SOS

Parade on the Last Saturday of SOS

Dining during SOS

Whether you are up for burgers, bologna sandwiches or want to sit down for a seafood dinner. North Myrtle Beach has lots of options and all convenient to the SOS events happening down at Main Street and Ocean Boulevard. Please see ExploreNMB’s list of featured restaurants in North Myrtle Beach

Places to Stay

Hotel House or condo? If you need a place to stay for SOS, check out our featured NMB locations and vacation rentals See our lodging and accommodation options for places to stay when you need to take a break from all the events on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach.

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