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Why should you Explore NMB? Have you ever been to North Myrtle Beach, SC? It is the perfect beach vacation destination especially for families and beach music lovers. I invite you to plan a trip to NMB for your next vacation. This website was added to the mix of many websites on the web to be a resource mainly for vacationers. It is also a great guide for those live close by that may want to visit for the day.

NMB Locals

Of course, if you live here or are thinking about moving to North Myrtle Beach, this ExploreNMB website might just be a valuable resource to you as well as you plan your time at my favorite beach. I have been here since 2010 and therefore consider myself a local now. I love North Myrtle Beach!

explore north myrtle beachNorth Myrtle Beach is just north of the city of Myrtle Beach, SC. Most people refer to the entire area as Myrtle Beach or the Grand Strand. NMB has its benefits and those that live here or vacation here are partial to NMB and will explain to you very quickly that there is a difference. NMB is made up of a several small towns;  Cherry Grove, Ocean Drive, Crescent Beach and Windy Hill. You will also hear people say Tilghman Beach, which is not officially one of the towns that later became NMB.

Ocean Drive Beach

Main Street and most of the beach music scene hangouts are in the Ocean Drive section. At the end of Main Street is the famous Horseshoe where major events are held throughout the year. The horseshoe serves as a public beach access to probably one of the widest parts of the entire East Coast string of beaches bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

Event Planning with Explore NMB

Many people plan their vacations around special NMB events like SOS Spring Safari– If you haven’t been to the beach during one of the Society Of Stranders 10 day parties, you should bring your friends to experience a Fall Migration, Spring Safari or the 3 day party – Midwinter. The clubs and lounges are packed with Shaggers and those that love Beach Music.

Here at ExploreNMB, I have featured some of my favorite places to eat, places to play golf, and places to shop for stuff. You may find that I have added some places to stay and companies that help with beach vacation rentals. Find beach houses or cottages and condominiums recommendations. This site will continue to grow. Thanks for stopping to browse the articles and posts here at Have fun as you Explore North Myrtle Beach!

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Events This Week in North Myrtle Beach Area

Make plans to be in NMB for Special Events! See the Events Calendar Page here at my website.

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