Windy Saturday

Hello Friends,

For those brave enough to venture out today…

Here are the things scheduled for Saturday, November 6th. You may want to check before you go. Be safe out there.

  • Jim Quick’s Swamp Soul plays at 9am EST on Riptide Radio
  • The Surf Countdown with Mike Worley plays at 10AM on
  • Do you listen to Beach Music Radio?

Ray’s List for Saturday 11-6

  • Dustin Chapman at Duplin 12PM
  • Stardusters at La Belle Amie 12PM
  • Rick & Jessica at Boardwalk Billy’s 1PM
  • Ronnie Coco at Flynn’s 1PM
  • Southside Band at Ocean Annie’s 2
  • Duster at Duplin Winery 3:30
  • Rocking Steady at Patios 4:30
  • Billy King at Filet’s 5PM
  • Elliot Smith at Lulu’s 5PM
  • Sly Sparrow at Clearwater Oyster Bar 5PM
  • Steve & Susie Pethel at Martini 5PM
  • Ronnie Clinton at Buoy’s 6PM
  • Ronnie O’Briant at Flynn’s 6PM
  • Chris Cary at Daddio’s 6PM
  • The Contra Band at Baron’s 6PM
  • Band on Fire at Capt Archie’s 6PM
  • Miracle Max at Murphy’s 6PM
  • Tammy Barbour at VFW 6PM
  • Kelly J & Larinza at Carolina Seafood 6PM
  • Brandon Bailey at Duck Dive Bar 6PM
  • Mike McManus at Duck’s Cafe 6PM
  • City Lights at Boardwalk Billy’s 6:30
  • Stuart Prichett at 39 Ave Bar 6PM
  • Smokin’ Hot at Local Bar 7PM
  • Therapy at Sugrue’s 7PM
  • Tammy Barbour at Marina Bar 7PM
  • 35 Knots at Star Tavern 7PM
  • Rick Cannon at Deckerz 7PM
  • Harlequin Duo at Mulligans 7PM
  • Karaoke with Benny at Maxwell’s 7PM
  • The Tonez at Club Rewind 9PM
  • Cat 5 Band at Duck’s 9PM
  • JayDubya at Whiskey Beach 9PM
  • Brad Long at Bourbon Cowboy 9PM
  • DJ Brooklyn at Envy Nightlife 10PM

Have a Great Day in NMB – Be Safe!

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