Wednesday at the Beach

Hello September! 83 with a high of 87. Warm ALL Day with a chance of rain.

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Are you looking for things to do on Wednesday, September 1st?

  • Fat Harold’s LIVE with Mike Worley and Jimmy Buffkin in the front Room from 6 to 9. Jay Kinlaw is in the back room spinnin’ the dance tunes. Hear what the hear if you can’t be there on
  • Mockingbird is playing at HOTO’s tonight at 6pm
  • Lots of choices for lunch like Pork Chops, BBQ, Fried Chicken are shown on the lunch specials page
  • Ray has shared another big list on facebook. I am sharing it here.

Ray’s List for Wednesday September 1st

  • JT & The Strats at Duplin 3:30
  • Pups on the Patio at Local 4PM
  • Jolly Mon & Deb at Patio’s 4:30
  • Stan Gregory at Martini 5PM
  • JV Flannigan at Lulu’s 5PM
  • Jody Lineberry at WOB 5PM
  • Jeff James at Duck’s Sidewalk 5:30
  • Mark McKinney at Duck Dive 6PM
  • Lindsay Baker at Baron’s 6PM
  • Jimmy Mowery at Boardwalk Billy’s 6PM
  • Mockingbird at HOTOs 6PM
  • Sweet Sweet at Taco Mundo 6PM
  • Randy Clifton at Nacho Hippo 6PM
  • Music Bingo at Marina Bar 6PM
  • Karaoke at Buoy’s on the Blvd 6PM
  • Mad Karaoke at Archie’s 6PM
  • 94.9 Live at Fat Harold’s 6:00 PM
  • John C Franklin at Deckerz 6:30
  • Jukebox Bingo at OD Arcade 6:30
  • Miracle Max at HoB Deck 7PM
  • Tammy Barbour at Whiskey Beach 7PM
  • Nick Pike at Dockside Village 7PM
  • Drum Circle at 53rd Ave North 7:30
  • Jason Jackson at OD Arcade 8PM
  • Karaoke w/ Jessy at Sugrues 8PM
  • Craig Beaumont at 3001 8:30
  • The Renegades at Duck’s 9PM

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