Beach Music Fans in North Myrtle Beach

Do you like Beach Music? Do you like Beach Music in North Myrtle Beach?
How many things have you done on this list? 1 point for each

  • Seen Band of Oz perform at HOTO’s or OD Beach Club
  • Been to a Christmas Beach Music Show in the Spanish Galleon
  • Attended a CBMA Show at Alabama Theatre on a Sunday
  • Had a Bowl of Chicken Bog at any OD Mafia Tailgate Party
  • Done a Fireball Shot at Deckerz with Hall Of Fame DJ Chad Sain
  • Been to the front of Fat Harold’s stage for Jim Quick & Coastline
  • Voted for Top 25 Beach Music Songs at
  • Bought a Raffle Ticket for any TR’s Cancer Fighters Benefit
  • Waved to the WebCam at OD Pavilion
  • Been in North Myrtle Beach at a club on Midnight New Year’s Eve
  • Attended any one of the 4 Ocean Drive Beach Music Festivals
  • Own a T-Shirt from one of the beach music clubs in Ocean Drive
  • Got a Ride in a Trips Taxi with any beach music Artist or DJ

How many points did you get?

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