Wednesday is Pizza Day

Happy Pizza Day Friends,

Things to do in NMB on Wednesday, February 9th

  • Listen to JQ play new music on
  • Go see Jay and Jimmy Tonight at Fat Harold’s for Fat Harolds LIVE on the Surf They are live from 6 to 9.. stay and dance  after 9. Go eat at the Shag City Grill
  • Go see the Malarkey Brothers Tonight at Deckerz! They play at 6!
  • Find your next house in NMB at
  • Rate the Top Songs in Beach Music at
  • Eat Pizza somewhere.

Ray’s List for Wednesday 2-9

  • Jimmy-O at Duplin Winery 11:30
  • Flirt at Duplin Winery 3PM
  • High Tide Trio at Boardwalk Billy’s 4PM
  • CPB at Main Street Taphouse 5PM
  • Stan Gregory at Martini 5PM
  • Janko Wineheart at Grumpy Monk 5PM
  • Dave Walsh at 39th Ave Bar 5PM
  • Jeff James at Ducks Cafe 5:30
  • Malarkey Brothers at Deckerz 6PM
  • Chris Cary at Rapone Pizza 6PM
  • Jason Duggins at Murphy’s 6PM
  • Randy Atwood at Duck Dive 6PM
  • Dale Mosher at Flynn’s 6PM
  • Sexy Music Bingo at Marina Bar 6PM
  • Mad Karaoke at Archie’s 6PM
  • Karaoke with Jessy at Sugrue’s 6PM
  • Banana Hammock Party at Crooked Hammock 6PM
  • Nasty Chaps at Star Tavern 7PM
  • Tammy Barbour at Whiskey Beach 7PM
  • Benny Nations at WOB 7PM
  • Karaoke with Keith at Daddio’s 7PM
  • Scotty Taylor at OD Arcade 8PM

Where do you eat Pizza in NMB?



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