Wednesday in NMB

It is clearly chilly outside this morning. The high is 78 degrees today according to my weather widget.

Hello Friends,

Things to do in North Myrtle Beach on Wednesday, October 20th are listed here at

  • It is Wednesday – Fat Harold’s LIVE with Mike Worley and Jay Kinlaw playing the best music in the world from the dj booth in the front room.  Hear it on the radio from 6pm to 9pm. Tune in to to hear what they hear at Fat Harold’s if you can’t be there with your friends tonight.
  • What’s for lunch? – check out the lunch specials page for NMB
  • Ray’s has posted another big. list

Ray’s List for Wednesday 10-20

  • Nancy Olive at Duplin Winery 12PM
  • Johnny B at Deckerz 2PM
  • John Townsend at Duplin 3:30
  • High Tide Trio at Boardwalk Billy’s 4PM
  • Pups on the Patio at Local 4PM
  • Livin’ the Dream at Patio’s 4:30
  • Alex Key at House of Blues 5PM
  • Stan Gregory at Martini 5PM
  • Matt Doda at Lulu’s 5PM
  • Jeff James at Duck’s Sidewalk 5:30
  • Stewart Prichard at Murphy’s 6PM
  • Jason Ray Welch at Local Bar 6PM
  • Rich Johnson at Baron’s 6PM
  • Kelly J & Larinza at Salt Water Grille 6PM
  • Dale Mosher at Flynn’s 6PM
  • Jeremy Dunham at Grumpy Monk 6PM
  • Skylar Whitfield at Duck Dive Bar 6PM
  • Music Bingo at Marina Bar 6PM
  • Karaoke at Buoy’s on the Blvd 6PM
  • Mad Karaoke at Captain Archie’s 6PM
  • Drum Circle at 53rd Ave North 6PM
  • Line Dancing at Bourbon Cowboy 6PM
  • 94.9 Live at Fat Harold’s 6:00 PM
  • Jukebox Bingo at OD Arcade 6:30
  • Tammy Barbour at Whiskey Beach 7PM
  • Nasty Chaps at Star Tavern 7PM
  • Cyndi Wheeler at Deckerz 7PM
  • Karaoke w/ Benny at Daddio’s 7PM
  • Boom box Bingo at Roca Rajo 7PM
  • Janko Wineheart at OD Arcade 8PM
  • Karaoke w/ Jessy at Sugrues 8PM
  • JayDubya Band at Duck’s 9PM

Have a Great Day in NMB

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