Tuesday in NMB

Updated 4:00pm

It looks like another beautiful day in Paradise. My weather widget says it is 80 degrees with a high of 85 today. I bet the beach will be packed. Wear your sunscreen and don’t get burned.

Happy Tuesday Friends,

Are you looking for things to do today in North Myrtle Beach?

  • You can get FREE  Shag Lessons at Fat Harold’s Beach Club tonight. Its the State Dance of South Carolina. I think everyone that comes to NMB should be able to do the basic step. FREE Beginner Shag Lessons start at 7pm.
  • Sources tell me that the Malarkey Brothers will NOT Be playing tonight .If you haven’t seen this group, you may be in for a surprise. They have a guy named Casey playing guitar. The feature a guy named Albert on Bass guitar. In the back, a guy named Jim plays keyboard, harmonica and beats a drum. All three of them sing songs you will recognize.
  • There are a lot of places that feature daily lunch specials  – Check out this page for the latest on North Myrtle Beach Lunch Specials.


Here is the Ray Collins List of Events for Tuesday 7-13

  • Dom Wier at Duplin 12PM
  • Carlos Perez at Ocean Annie’s 3PM
  • Benny Nations Karaoke at MOTO’s 3PM
  • Cyndi Wheeler at Duplin Winery 3:30
  • Nick Andolora at Lulu’s 5PM
  • Stan Gregory at Martini 5PM
  • Randy Atwood at Driftwood-CG 5PM
  • Tammy Barbour at Ducks Sidewalk 5PM
  • Karaoke at Patio’s 5PM
  • Leroy’s All Starz at Archie’s 6PM
  • Randy Atwood at Bouy’s 6PM
  • Chris Cary at Flynn’s 6PM
  • Joan Burton at Daddio’s 6PM
  • Matt Doda at Nacho Hippo 6PM
  • Kelly J & Larinza at Marina Bar 6PM
  • Victoria Humphreys at Duffy Street 6PM
  • Trivia at Dirty Don’s 6PM
  • SCE at HBO Deck 7PM
  • Paul Grimshaw at Boardwalk Billy’s 7PM
  • Kevin Nichols at Local 7PM
  • Ronnie Coco at Dockside Village 7PM
  • Nick Pike at Dockside Village 7PM
  • Karaoke at Whiskey Beach 7PM
  • Christina Black at OD Arcade 8PM
  • Craig Beaumont at 3001 8:30
  • Thomas Road at Duck’s 9PM

Thanks Ray for putting these lists together and for letting me post them on ExploreNMB.

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