Sunday in NMB

Hello Friends,

It is Sunday the 3rd of September – Labor Day Weekend

Happy Birthday Coastline – 31 years! See Jim Quick & Coastline tonight at Local on the Water at 7pm

Ray’s List for Sunday 9-3

  • Yoga at Crooked Hammock 10AM
  • Dave Nelms at Roca Roja 11AM
  • Robert Earle at Callie Baker’s 11AM
  • Sandy Reno at Patios 12PM
  • Jeremy Dunham at Boardwalk Billy’s 1PM
  • Backline at Ocean Annie’s 1:30
  • Next O Kin at Capt Archie’s 3PM
  • Pepper Creek Band at Deckerz 4PM
  • Mike O’Donnell at Filets 4PM
  • If Birds Could Fly at Marina Bar 5PM
  • Jeffery Simmons at Blue Drum 4PM
  • The Mysfits at Patio’s 4PM
  • Alex Austin at Hurricane Juels 4PM
  • Will Ness at Lulu’s 5PM
  • Blues Unknown at Star Tavern 5PM
  • Andy and Oneida at Bouy’s 6PM
  • Tammy Barbour at Duck’s Sidewalk 6PM
  • Cocobosko at Boardwalk Billy’s 6PM
  • Joshua Kendrick at Nacho Hippo 6PM
  • Travis Proctor at Clearwater 6PM
  • Will Guyton at HOTOs 6:30
  • Di & Southside at Ocean Annie’s 6:30
  • Steve Lake at Deckerz 7PM
  • JQ and Coastline at Local on the Water 7PM
  • Southside Saints at HoB Deck 7PM
  • Departure at House of Blues 7PM
  • Karaoke at OD Arcade 8PM
  • Open Mic at Jay’s 8:30

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