SOS Fall Migration 2024

If you have been to Main Street in North Myrtle Beach.. you know they love Carolina Beach Music and a dance they call the Shag. If you want to experience the ultimate adult fall vacation break, then you need to check out SOS. It stands for Society of Stranders and its a big membership group that has 3 major events each year. One membership card gets you in all clubs for all 3 major events (day and night). Membership is about $35/year, You can sign up with your local ACSC Member Shag Club or in numerous places down at Ocean Drive at NMB! Look for the tents and the store during any of the events for cards, merchandise and schedule information.

In the Fall – they call it Fall Migration.

Upcoming SOS Fall Schedule

September 12 – 22, 2024
September 11 – 21, 2025
September 17 – 27, 2026

Thousand flock to North Myrtle Beach for Fall Migration each year. Shaggers and Beach Music Lovers head to NMB to party it up, see old friends, enjoy the beach music clubs and shag the night away. During the day time, you can catch some of the bands at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. You will most certainly be able to see bands in the Galleon as well. Look for the updated schedule of bands and DJs to be posted here at as the event gets closer.

Participating Lounges or Clubs that are part of SOS

Fat Harold’s Beach Club
Ducks Beach Club
The OD Arcade
Ocean Drive Beach and Golf Resort’s HOTO’s
Ocean Drive Beach and Golf Resort’s Spanish Galleon

Big Draws of SOS

Fun Sunday – Concert (inside at OD Arcade this year)
Fun Monday – Concert

Bring your chairs and set-up outside for 2 big block parties in North Myrtle Beach – Enjoy the sounds of some of the top bands and guest artist each day. You will usually see some of the popular bands that play the beach music circuit as well as some of the more famous names being played all over the beach music world.

Dining during SOS

You have to eat – Whether you are looking to grab a quick burger or sit down for a seafood feast – NMB has your choice and all convenient to the events happening during SOS – See my list of featured restaurants in North Myrtle Beach

Places to Stay

Are you looking for a hotel or condo? How about a nice beach house close to Main Street?
See our lodging and accommodation options for places to lay your head when you need to take a break from all the Shagging on Main Street.







Schedules are subject to change without notice. Some of the DJs have changed their plans. Some have announced, some have not.  I will do my best to edit this page when I have a chance. Thanks for the understanding and please be patient with the staff at these venues. It has been a rough year to find people that want to work. I applaud those that are working in our favorite places in North Myrtle Beach.

19 thoughts on “SOS Fall Migration 2024”

  1. I replied below but will post it again here for you. All of the following info refers to NMB:

    Get a hotel near Main or a few blocks off. Most are ocean front or 1 block away. You can park your vehicle at your hotel and walk to all the events. It is all close. The only time you will need a car is if you go to another area all together or maybe the grocery store or the Shoe Center. ( Near Denny’s) They have bands on some days and and great shoes. There was a shoe store on main. May still be there.

    There are dance lessons usually for about $10.00 a lesson in the mornings

    Some great hotels close in are: Spanish Galleon, Ashworth, Peppertree, Avista, Tilghman, Ocean Bay resort, and the list goes on! ? There are companies that you can contact to reserve a place and they may be able to give you some guidance, but all the ones I mentioned are great. I think I have stayed at all of them. Most have a pool, some have lazy river, but don’t spend all your time at the hotels or on the beach, there is dancing all afternoon and evening!

  2. I live in Kansas and would love to make a trip. I am single at the age of 69. Hope there are single men around to dance with. Any suggestions, should I purchase some type of SOS membership? Best place to stay? Any tips or suggestions for a 1st visit? Possibly a female friend will come with me.



    • 69 is a great age. You should go to the shag dance web p page and purchase an SOS Card. I don’t know if you have to purchase a membership card but I don’t think so.
      Many members from other shag clubs around the state show up and since I live a distance away I usually go on Friday and Saturday nights. Be prepared to ask the guys to dance…I don’t know why but that’s the way it is. I have a wonderful time every time I go. There are several choices of hotels but the Ocean Drive resort is very close by. Hope this helps.

    • Ocean Drive Beach and Golf Club, in my view is by far the best place to stay. It’s at the center of the event. And yes, us single guys will be there.

  3. It would be a question to each of the participating clubs that are involved with SOS. For years, there were no bands at all during these events. Each club makes a decision who to book based on price and who will draw. I can’t speak for the clubs. My guess would be costs is the major factor. I have no idea what the Medallions charge.

  4. How about parking? There appears to be no place for outside free parking. The vacant lot behind Fat Harolds is all fenced in. One would think that OD and NMB are against the SOS events. They should provide some parking for people wanting to see the different bands without having to pay.

  5. There will be shag workshops all week. The Fun Sunday and Fun Monday outdoor concerts were cancelled mainly due to the fact that they couldn’t afford the bands. In years past, they sold raffle tickets that helped pay for these big events. SOS Fall Migration is still on as of right now.

  6. Updated: Yes as Harriet pointed out. It appears they have cancelled the big outdoor events Fun Sunday and Fun Monday ths year. Let’s hope everything else goes as planned.

  7. My girlfriend and I are so interested in traveling to Myrtle Beach sometime in September, (2021) and we would love to experience Shaggin’. What would you suggest for lodging and when would be a good time to come. I live in Wisconsin, and she lives in Minnesota. , and discussing this trip has really kept us sane during the pandemic, but we are clueless on how to make the plans. Can you help????

    • First of all.. You want to stay in North Myrtle Beach and not Myrtle Beach. SOS Fall Migration is September 16-25 so you want to come down during that time to get the best experience. If you want to be able to walk to all the events, the OD Resort is one of the top choices. Call asap, the hotel books up during SOS Events. There are some condos in the area and houses for rent. For 2 people, I would receommend the hotel.


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