Saturday – SOS Spring Safari in the Summertime

SOS is in full swing. Are you  in Ocean Drive – North Myrtle Beach, SC?

Tune in to the Surf Countdown with Mike Worley at 10am  or 94.9 FM in you are in the Grand Strand!


Things to Do on Saturday, June 19th

Here is the list put together by Ray Collins in Friends of NMB on FB

Saturday 6-19 ( First Official Day)
Curtis Treece at OD Arcade 11AM
Mack Mast at OD Pavilion 12PM
Ray Scott at OD Arcade-OS 12PM
Steve Carter at Deckerz 12PM
Smokin Hot at The Shoe Center 1PM
Friends of NMB at Shoe Center 1PM
Pope Armstrong at HOTOs 1PM
Jimmy Buffkin at Fat Harold’s 1PM
Dennis Brumble at Harold’s BR 1PM
The Castaways at Fat Harold’s 2PM
Dan Summitt at Deckerz 3PM
Claude Collins at OD Pavilion 3PM
Larry Calhoun at OD Arcade 3PM
Mojo Randy Sherrill at HOTOs 4PM
Murl Augustine & Furman Dominick at OD Arcade-OS 4PM
Ricky T on the Sidewalk 5PM
Eddie Anderson at Fat Harold’s 5PM
Bill Harper at Fat Harold’s BR 5PM
Todd Gettys at Ducks Club 5PM
John Smith at OD Pavilion 6PM
Norman Mills at Ducks Cafe 7PM
Martin Davis Band at Spanish Galleon 8PM
Roger Holcomb at HOTOs 8PM
Crashbox at OD Arcade 8:30
Hip Pocket at Ducks 9PM
Jay Kinlaw at Fat Harold’s 9PM
Betty Brown at Fat Harold’s BR 9PM

Charlie and Jackie are at Harold’s this morning!

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