Saturday at North Myrtle Beach

It is WARM OUTSIDE. No Weather Widget Needed to know that this morning.

Hello Friends!

It is Saturday, July 17th and I got another busy day ahead of me. I don’t have a big list.

  • There are a lot of great Radio shows playing today starting with Swamp Soul on Riptide at 9am and Mike Worley’s  Surf Countdown at 10am on
  • I don’t know if I will get a break today for lunch. There are a few Specials on Saturday  in NMB  Most places go to a normal menu on the weekend. I will probably just grab a burger somewhere or maybe 2 hots dogs from Deckerz.
  • Happy Late Birthday to DJ Dennis Brumble – Dennis will be at Harolds tonight in the front room and Larry Edwards will be in the back. Go tell Dennis Happy Birthday!
  • I see that DJ Jim Rose is on the schedule at the OD Pavilion  3 to 7 – Maybe some fas’ dancin’ today with Jim Rose at the place where it all began? Stay Cool with Some Cold Drinks!

If you see the yellow Grand Strand Vacations van today, WAVE! If you are thinking about coming to the beach for vacation. It is time to book for 2022 becasue 2021 is FULL.

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Here is Ray’s List for 7-17 – Just got it fresh from Facebook

  • Greg Rowles at Duplin Winery 12PM
  • Stan Gregory at Patios 12:30
  • Algorithm at Ocean Annie’s 1PM
  • Tropical Jammers at Castaways 2PM
  • Duster at Duplin Winery 3:30
  • Funky Junk at Crooked Hammock 4PM
  • High Tide Trio at Patios 4:30
  • Ricky T on the Sidewalk 5PM
  • Mike O’Donnell at Lulu’s 5PM
  • Southside Band at Ocean Annie’s 5PM
  • Steve & Susie Pethel at Martini 5PM
  • Randy Clifton at Greg Norman’s 5:30
  • Honky Tonk Outlaws at Murphy’s 6PM
  • The Renegades at Daddios 6PM
  • Mason Horne at Duck Dive Bar 6PM
  • Andy & Oneida at Bouy’s 6PM
  • Digger T at Duffy Street 6PM
  • Chris Cary at Key West Crazy 6PM
  • Matt Doda at Grumpy Monk 6PM
  • Jared Cline at Filets 6PM
  • DJ Crash at Nacho Hippo 6PM
  • Secret Stash at 39th Ave Bar 6:30
  • Smoke & Mirrors at Sugrues 7PM
  • Cory Luetjin Band at Archie’s 7PM
  • Ryan Perry Band at Local 7PM
  • JayDubya at Marina Bar 7PM
  • Ronnie O’Briant in at Flynn’s 7PM
  • Dew Drops at Star Tavern 7PM
  • Spellbound at Barons 7PM
  • Devin Earnhardt at Deckerz 7PM
  • Harlequin at Mulligan’s 7PM
  • Nick Pike at Dockside Village 7PM
  • Flashback Band at HOB Deck 7PM
  • Rumors at House of Blues-Main 7:30
  • Craig Sorrels at Dockside Village 7:30
  • City Lights at Boardwalk Billy’s 7:30
  • Fred Heintz at Bar 19 Twelve 8PM
  • Southside Saints at Roca Roja 8PM
  • Painted Man at Club Rewind 9PM
  • Brad & Gary at Bourbon Cowboy 9PM
  • The Switch at Ducks 9PM
  • Whiskey Neat at Whiskey Beach 9PM
  • DJ VZZN on at Envy Nightlife 10PM
  • DJ Brian at Local 11PM

What have you got going on today?

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