NMB Sunday – Thanks SOS!

Hello Friends,

Another Fall Migration ends  – Thanks to all that came to the beach for the big party

  • Today, Jay Kinlaw is At the Beach Club 1pm on 949thesurf.com before he joins JQ & Coastline for the Bye Bye Party at Fat Harold’s tonight

Ray’s List for Sunday 9-24

  • Gospel Brunch at House of Blues 10AM
  • Yoga at Crooked Hammock 10AM
  • Beatles Brunch at Roca Roja 11AM
  • Robert Earle at Callie Baker’s 11AM
  • Cyndi Wheeler at Patios 12PM
  • SCE at Ocean Annie’s 1:30
  • The Renegades at Murphy’s 3PM
  • The Mysfits at Capt Archie’s 3PM
  • Brian Rosseler at Blue Drum 4PM
  • The Formers at Marina Bar 4PM
  • Back Flash at Patio’s 4PM
  • Saluda Shoals at Boardwalk Billy’s 5PM
  • Smokin’ Hot at Local Bar 5:30
  • Will Ness at Lulu’s 5PM
  • Frankie More at Hurricane Juel’s 5PM
  • JQ & Coastline at Fat Harold’s 6PM
  • Jeff James at Deckerz 6PM
  • Travis Proctor at Clearwater 6PM
  • 8 Track Memories at HOTOs 6:30
  • Dawn & Southside at Ocean Annie’s 6:30
  • Open Mic at Jay’s 8:30

SOS Events for Sunday the 24th

  • Dennis Brumble at Fat Harold’s 2PM
  • Jerry Burrage at OD Pavilion 3PM
  • Owen Reeves at Bouy’s 6PM
  • Jay Kinlaw at Fat Harold’s 6PM
  • ?JQ & Coastline at Fat Harold’s 6PM
  • ?Jeff James at Deckerz 6PM
  • ?8 Track Memories at HOTOs 6:30

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