NMB Saturday

Hello Friends,

The Saturday before Turkey Day

  • Jay Kinlaw is counting down the Top 20 Songs in Beach Music on 949thesurf.com

Ray’s List for Saturday, 11-19

  • Larry Stevens at Duplin Winery 12PM
  • Paul Grimshaw & Stringwood at La Belle Amie 12PM
  • Will Ness at Flynn’s 1PM
  • Duster at Duplin Winery 3:30
  • Jody Hunter at Patio’s Tiki Bar 4PM
  • Steve and Susie Pethel at Martini 5PM
  • Timmy Pierce at Filet’s 5PM
  • Chris Cary at Barefoot Bistro 5PM
  • Jimmy Roca at Lulu’s 5PM
  • Travis Proctor at Clearwater 5PM
  • Andy and Oneida at Bouy’s 6PM
  • Jody Lineberry at Ducks Cafe 6PM
  • D’Elegantz at Deckerz 6PM
  • Matt Lambe at Flynn’s 6PM
  • Greg Rowles at Main Street Taphouse 6PM
  • Dirty Laundry at Roca Roja 6PM
  • Johnnie White at Daddio’s 6PM
  • Brian Morrison at 39th Ave Bar 6PM
  • Lighting of the Landing at Barefoot 6PM
  • Chasing Revelry at Boardwalk Billy’s 6:30
  • Blackwater at Local on the Water 6:30
  • Painted Man at Archie’s 6:30
  • Honky Tonk Outlaws at Murphy’s 6:30
  • Fabulous Fisheads at Sugrues 7PM
  • Christina Black at Marina Bar 7PM
  • Fossil Rockers at Star Tavern 7PM
  • Southside Saints at the Waterway House 7PM
  • Johnny Bravo at Harley’s Roadhouse 8PM
  • Tammy’s Tangent at OD Arcade 8:30
  • Chocolate Chip at Ducks 9PM
  • Band on Fire at Whiskey Beach 9PM
  • The Saltines at Club Rewind 9PM
  • Brad Long and Gary Baker at Bourbon 9PM

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