Monday in North Myrtle Beach

Hello Friends,

Here are some things to do in North Myrtle Beach on Monday, May 23rd

  • Charlie and Jackie are teaching shag lessons at Fat Harold’s tonight
  • Jim Morgan and JQ are playing music on

Ray’s List for Monday, 5-23

  • Larry Stevens at Duplin Winery 12PM
  • Clean S18 at Ocean Annie’s 2PM
  • DJ Dan Summitt at Murphy’s 3PM
  • Jason Owens at Duplin Winery 3:30
  • Jody Hunter at Patio’s 4:30
  • Steve and Susie Pethel at Martini 5PM
  • DJ Miss Ethel at Fat Harold’s 5PM
  • Ronnie O’Briant at Lulu’s 5PM
  • Jukebox Bingo at Taco Mundo 5PM
  • Southside Saints at HOTOs 6PM
  • Big John Kelly at Bouy’s 6PM
  • Transit Soul at Dirty Don’s 6PM
  • Brother Clampett at Daddio’s 6PM
  • Karaoke at Marina Bar & Grill 6PM
  • Karaoke w/ Jessy at Duck Dive Bar 6PM
  • Music Bingo at Grumpy Monk 6PM
  • Paige Johnson at Local Bar 6:30
  • Frankie Moree at Deckerz 7PM
  • Ronnie Coco at Boardwalk Billy’s 7PM
  • Leroy’s All Starz at Star Tavern 7PM
  • Southside Saints at Ocean Annie’s 7PM
  • Jukebox Bingo at Whiskey Beach 7PM
  • Benny Nations at Dirty Armadillo 7PM
  • Karaoke at Maxwell’s 7PM
  • Basic Shag Lessons at Harold’s 7PM
  • Shag Lessons at Harold’s 7PM
  • Jimmy Roca at OD Arcade 8PM



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  1. The Southside Saints will be at, HOTO’s at 6PM tonight, Monday. They are at OCEAN ANNIE’S at 7PM on Tuesday night.
    I appreciate you keeping us informed on all the happenings and food/lunch specials. Thank you for taking the time to put this information together.


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