Mayfest on Main Street – North Myrtle Beach

2020 Update – Mayfest on Main will not happen this year – The City has Decided to Cancel this Event

Neatly falling between St Patrick’s Day in March and the Irish Italian International Festival in September is Mayfest on Main Street, taking place, you guessed it, in May. Saturday May 11th, 2020 was the last Mayfest on Main. Taking advantage of the lengthening and warmer days, the one-day festival runs from 10 am until 6 pm, and in common with the other big festivals centered on Main, features live music, local arts and crafts vendors and a chance to sample the local food.

Seems like North Myrtle Beach loves its festivals, and this one is no exception, showcasing as it does the late spring/early summer weather and the wide variety of local talent based around the area. The civic authorities have elected to close Main and issue a list of preferred locations for patrons to park. The services laid on include shuttle buses from two local churches so if the parking lots are full, don’t worry, just party.

There are some wonderful photos available to give you an idea of the kind of event this is, and its appeal to all ages. Some of the photographers have captured intimate family moments, others have chosen to illustrate the variety of food and drink on offer. There are pictures of the range of goods on sale at the stalls including mooring decorations in collegiate colors, amazing plants and soda can trinkets.

Food plays a large part in this festival, and there are many different varieties on offer, from fish and seafood to fried chicken and spicy treats. Innovation is not restricted to the articles on sale, however. One photographer showcased dogs trained to take charity donations gently from children’s hands, and then in the next photograph revealed these gentle canines relaxing in the shade with their owners.

The other large part of this event is music, and some eateries even have bands playing on the roof, such is the competition for space and the drive for innovation here.

Mayfest on Main truly is an all-inclusive festival, appealing to everyone from 9 months to 90 years. Likewise, there is a chance for everyone to take part, including civic office holders, local Scouts, the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps and community volunteers. Everyone is welcome to become involved and everyone is welcome to visit. Publicity advises ‘Bring a beach chair!’, and I guess if you sat there long enough, most people from the festival would pass you by at some point. It is a wonderful people-watching event, a great place to try new food and drink and an amazing place to find that one-off memento of your time in this welcoming beach community.

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