Happy Tuesday!

Hello Friends,

It is Tuesday, October 26th and things to do are listed below.

  • Free Shag Lessons at Harold’s with Mandy and River start at 7pm – Its free, no partner required. Go meet some people.
  • Lunch ideas are posted at the Lunch specials page
  • Ray has posted his list on fb. Here it is!

Ray’s List for Tuesday 10-26

  • Bill Powell at Duplin Winery 12PM
  • Benny Nations Karaoke at MOTO’s 3PM
  • Cyndi Wheeler at Duplin Winery 3:30
  • Faith Bardill at Deckerz 5PM
  • Sweet Sweet at HoB Restaurant 5PM
  • Seth Thomas at Boardwalk Billy’s 5PM
  • BJ Craven at Lulu’s 5PM
  • Tammy Barbour at Ducks Sidewalk 5:30
  • Chris Cary at Flynn’s 6PM
  • Joan Burton at Daddio’s 6PM
  • Backline at Archie’s 6PM
  • Gregory Hayes at Baron’s 6PM
  • Matt Doda at Buoy’s 6PM
  • Joan Burton at Patios 6PM
  • Karaoke at Whiskey Beach 7PM
  • Ryan Newman at OD Arcade 8PM

Have a Great Day in NMB! My Day will be Great in FLA!

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