Fun Monday SOS in NMB

Hello Friends,

Fun Monday is HERE in North Myrtle Beach – It is Monday September 19th and here are some things to do today.

  • Wish Ray Collins a Happy Birthday!
  • Go Learn the Basic Shag Step for Free at 10am with Charlie and Jackie at Fat Harold’s

Ray’s list for Monday, 9-19

  • Swinging Medallions at Fun Monday 12PM
  • Will Ness at Duplin Winery 12 PM
  • Benny Nations at Murphy’s 12PM
  • The Catalinas at Fun Monday 2PM
  • Jason Owens at Duplin Winery 3:30
  • Cat 5 at Fun Monday 4PM
  • Steve and Susie at Martini 5PM
  • Ronnie O’Briant at Lulu’s 5PM
  • Autumn Tyde at Deckerz 6PM
  • Randy McQuay at Boardwalk Billy’s 6PM
  • Karaoke at Ducks Dive Bar 6PM
  • Music Bingo at Patio’s 6PM
  • The Formers at HOTOs 6:30
  • James Hood at Local Bar 6:30
  • Leroy’s All Starz at Star Tavern 7PM
  • The Entertainers at Spanish Galleon 9PM
  • West Coast Swing Night at Ducks 9PM

SOS DJs and Bands

  • Fun Monday 9-19 (2nd Week)
  • Ray Collins’ Birthday starts at 12AM
  • Kevin Robinson at OD Pavilion 12PM
  • Smokey and The Pope at HOTOs 12PM
  • Billy Fanning at OD Arcade 12PM
  • Jimmy Buffkin at Fat Harold’s 1PM
  • Jim Rose at Harold’s-BR 1PM
  • Lamar Walker at Deckerz 2PM
  • Richard Conner at HOTOs 3PM
  • CAT FIVE at 4PM
  • Jerry Burrage at OD Pavilion 4PM
  • Glenn Pridgen at OD Arcade 4PM
  • Johnny B at OD Arcade-OS 4PM
  • Ervin Ellington at Deckerz 4PM
  • Dennis Bumble at Fat Harold’s 5PM
  • Norman Mills at Fat Harold’s-BR 5PM
  • Bill Harper at Ducks 5PM
  • The Formers at HOTOs-OS 6PM
  • Autumn Tyde Band at Deckerz 6PM
  • Butch Davidson at HOTOs 7PM
  • Tommy Samole at OD Arcade 8PM
  • The Embers at Spanish Galleon 8:30
  • Terry McPhail at Deckerz 6PM
  • Ken Jones at Fat Harold’s 9PM
  • Buck Crumpton at Fat Harold’s-BR 9PM
  • Dana Grubb at Ducks 9PM


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