Friday Update – SOS Spring Safari

Are you looking for things to do today in North Myrtle Beach? It is Friday, June 25th

Thanks Ray Collins for putting this list together from the pages, sites and flyers scattered across the interwebs.

Friday Events at SOS

Charlie and Jackie start up SOS Workshop at Fat Harold’s 10AM

Terry McPhail at OD Arcade 11AM
Claude Collins at OD Pavilion 12PM
Fred Rouse at Deckerz 12PM
RSB at The Shoe Center 1PM
John Hall at Fat Harold’s 1PM
Jim Rose at Harold’s BR 1PM
Butch Davidson at HOTOs 1PM
The Collegiates at Fat Harold’s 2PM
Tommy Hamrick at OD Pavilion 3PM
Furman Dominick at OD Arcade 3PM
Jay Kinlaw at OD Arcade-OS 4PM
Ray Scott’s Deck Party Deckerz 4PM
John Smith at HOTOs 4PM
Bill Harper at Ducks Club 5PM
Ken Jones at Fat Harold’s 5PM
Dennis Brumble at Harold’s BR 5PM
Jerry Burrage at OD Pavilion 6PM
Eddie Anderson at Ducks Cafe 7PM
Marsha Morgan at Deckerz 8PM
Pizazz at Spanish Galleon 8PM
Chigger Woods at HOTOs 8PM
The Tonez at Ducks 9PM
Jimmy Buffkin at Fat Harold’s 9PM
Betty Brown at Fat Harold’s BR 9PM

Jim Quick & Coastline play at Captain Archie’s 7PM

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  1. The Collegiates Band was amazing… What a mix of old school classic beach and rhythm and blues…. This music really takes you back ..Many thx to Fat Harold’s and LU LU.. for bring this group back to the beach.. They have raised over 140.000 for charity in the Carolinas in the past 6 years….. AMAZING AMAZING….


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