North Myrtle Beach Travel Tips

Are you looking to find travel tips for your next visit to North Myrtle Beach, SC? North Myrtle Beach is blessed by reasonable weather most of the year. That fact makes it a pretty good place to vacation at any time. It has a mild climate (January temperatures around 53F/12 C) allowing for outdoor activities to take place year round. You might find that refugees from colder, wetter climes are to be found here in the winter, luxuriating in the kinds of temperatures that are alien to snow-bound, wind-blown cities further north.

January, February and early March would be considered the off season here at the beach, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad time to visit NMB. You can find great deals for weekend getaways and monthly rentals. If you are looking to get away from the cold and snow of the North, North Myrtle Beach should be your vacation destination.

If you’re here later in the season, then March, May and September are the great times for festivals. You’ll be looking at around six hours of fun, music, food, crafts, drinks, art and enjoyment. You’ll need sun lotion, some money and a decent pair of shoes to take in all the walking around the stalls and dancing to the infectious music on offer. Mind you, the rental prices will rise accordingly, along with the crowds and the temperatures. Temperature-wise, by July you’re looking at an average of 88F/31C with lows of 75F/ 24C. Sunscreen to the fore, together with a decent sunhat and appropriate clothing if you’re one of those who burns quickly.

Sixty miles of beach enough for you? From North Myrtle all the way to Pawleys Island, you have enough sand to make a sand sculptor weep. This stretch of coast isn’t called The Grand Strand for nothing. If you’d rather not have sand in your coffee, there are plenty other places to visit in North Myrtle Beach. Golf courses, golf links (golf courses with sea breezes and tougher grass, in case you didn’t know) and miniature golf are all represented. The variety of places to rent is matched only by the variety of outlets around the area. Parks, amusement arcades, those festivals mentioned earlier, shops, outlet malls, eateries, theaters and museums are all within easy reach. If you want to travel further afield, there are many stories attached to this area, including historical yarns, film locations and, as you would expect of a coastal location, lots of great eateries along the way.

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You can not drive out on to the beach itself in North Myrtle Beach. Some of the roads are best described as a ‘work in progress’ and one site suggests that the driving style is ‘aggressive’. NMB is more laid back than some of the other heavily tourist-reliant areas. I think you will have no trouble navigating around the city.

All that aside, if you spend your life committing to work, you don’t want to be driving on vacation too, do you? The weather’s reasonable enough to be able to enjoy some fresh air safely, and if you’re well located to the attractions you want to spend the most time in, you shouldn’t need to drive too far too often.

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