Shag Workshops at Spring Safari 2014

sos spring safari

Do you shag? Well if you are coming to North Myrtle Beach.. you should learn to dance the Official State Dance of South Carolina – The Clubs and lounges on Main Street play beach music and people dance the SHAG! Every Spring, adults flock to North Myrtle Beach for SOS Spring Safari and there are plenty of chances to brush up your shag dance moves…

Here are the Shag Workshops being given during the SOS Spring Safari 2014

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Festivals in North Myrtle Beach

You would be forgiven for thinking that North Myrtle Beach was the festival capital of the world.

Between March and September there are three major festivals held here: Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival in March, Mayfest on Main in May and the Irish Italian International Festival in September. Plenty of food, drink, music and street entertainment is on offer at each of them, of course, and you’ll have the chance to buy locally produced arts and crafts too.

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