NMB Vacation Homes

Grand Strand Vacations in Cherry Grove offers some of the best vacation home rentals in North Myrtle Beach. This sign below can be seen on Sea Mountain Highway. It has been inviting families for many years. Call Grand Strand today at 800-722-6278. Visit their website at www.GrandStrandVacations.com to search available homes and condos for rent.

With GSV, you can stay in Cherry Grove, Windy Hill, Crescent Beach or Ocean Drive. Options include Ocean front, homes on the Channel. Homes on the 2nd row or 3rd row are within a couple of blocks from tbeach. Only short walk to the beach, these homes are all close to beach access. Check out events in North Myrtle Beach and plan your stay to be in NMB when during these big events that always bring a lot of people to the area.

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