Beach Discounts

Does your family look for beach discounts?
Do you like to find a bargain?
Do you feel good when you find a great deal?
Who doesn’t get excited about saving money?

When you first start making plans to go to the beach, you may not think about discounts on food, attractions and other items. When you get to North Myrtle Beach, you are probably seeking out ways to save money on the things you do here on vacation. If you booked your hotel room or vacation rental home through one of the property management companies, you will most likely receive a bunch of money saving coupons when you check-in at their office.

Coupon Books Available

If you don’t get them when you arrive, look for the various coupon books at the local grocery stores. You can find a lot of saving opportunities at the front of the stores for local attractions, restaurants and services. You will probably see various print publications that feature coupons and special inserts. There are a lot of offers to save a few bucks on meals and entertainment in these coupon books and inserts.

Happy Hour Specials

I’m sure you have Happy Hours back home where you live. Here at the beach, nearly every bar and restaurant that serves alcohol will feature some kind of happy hour special. Of course, they are offering drink specials, but many times you can try some great appetizers or entree dishes at a special price during this time. The times vary, so be sure to plan ahead. It could be 5pm to 7pm at one place, 3:30pm to 5:30pm  at another place. You might find a  4pm to 6pm Happy Hour just a few blocks down the road.

Early Bird Dinner Seating

Just like happy hour, some places features better prices for those that are willing to dine early. These restaurants may offer special meals or smaller portions earlier in the day for those that like to save money and eat when others do not typically dine at their restaurant.  This is a great way to save a little money on your meals here at the beach.

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